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CES 2022

Samsung ushers in era of bespoke homes with AI butlers

The tech giant aims to 'completely alter' the way we experience consumer electronics

By Jan 05, 2022 (Gmt+09:00)

Samsung Bot i and Samsung Bot Handy at CES 2022
Samsung Bot i and Samsung Bot Handy at CES 2022

Samsung Electronics Co. is showcasing an unprecedented immersive home electronics experience at CES 2022 (Jan. 5-8.) 


At the center of the experience is the Personalized & Intelligent Future Home, a combination of metaverse and robotics technology that allows homeowners to control the entirety of their homes like a single electronics appliance. 

Using the nearest household device, the user will be able to communicate his or her needs to an avatar that will work as a digital butler. 

Think of your home as a mini metaverse. The butler for the entire space will be an AI avatar that will give you a rundown of your to-do list and the dinner recipe. The digital butler will use Samsung Bot i as an eye to locate what you need and Samsung Bot Handy as an arm to open the refrigerator and control the oven temperature. 

The tech giant has set up a massive 3,596-square-meter exhibition at CES 2022, the biggest of all participants. It also installed two large-size LED signage walls chock-full of the company’s information. 

Samsung Electronics has set up a 3,596-square-meter exhibition at the Las Vegas electronics event
Samsung Electronics has set up a 3,596-square-meter exhibition at the Las Vegas electronics event


Also at this year’s electronics gala, the company will announce a new concept called Team Samsung, based on the SmartThings technology, a combination of artificial intelligence and the internet of things (IoT). The electronics giant aims to provide an organic user experience by seamlessly connecting various devices such as TVs, home appliances, and mobile devices.

AI avatars and robots are part of this concept. 

Regarding display panels, Samsung’s focus at this year’s event is customization. For its highest-end Micro LED model, Samsung will introduce two new sizes, 101 inches and 89 inches (in diagonal lengths.) They are in addition to the existing 110-inch product. The aim of the size-down is to make the upscale product more accessible to a wider range of customers by lowering the price. 

As for its anchor product NEO QLED TV, the company maximized the independent image quality engine Neo Quantum Processor. 

On Tuesdy, Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Han Jong-hee unveiled a new form factor screen. Targeting mostly gamers, the company now offers customized screen products for areas where TV installations are not suitable. 

There is also good news for non-fungible token (NFT) enthusiasts. 

Samsung Electronics America received the Best of Innovation award in the Digital Imaging and Photography category for its NFT Aggregation Platform. 

It is the world’s first TV screen-based, single-viewing NFT platform that integrates disparate digital certificate marketplaces into a one-stop shop where users can browse, purchase and enjoy their favorite NFT contents directly on a Samsung TV. 


In time for this year’s CES, Samsung Electronics will launch a full-scale global distribution of its Bespoke Home services whereby buyers worldwide can customize their electronic appliances’ colors, functions, and more. Samsung will showcase the Bespoke Package, which encompasses the whole gamut of appliances; refrigerators, ovens, microwave ovens, dishwashers, to name a few. 

The new range of bespoke refrigerators has adopted more AI functions. You can watch Samsung TV Plus from a screen on the fridge door for free and also get notifications when it is time to replace outdated parts. 

Samsung Electronics also joined hands with another Samsung company HARMAN to create an in-vehicle safety device that provides real-time information to drivers using augmented reality technology. Back in 2016, Samsung acquired the US audio electronics company for $8 billion. 

At the startup exhibition hall Eureka Park, Samsung presents the best examples from its startup incubator C-LAB. 

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Jee Abbey Lee edited this article.
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