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Artificial intelligence

KT to commercialize hyperscale AI model by H1 2022

AI One Team joins the fierce competition to develop hyperscale AI models

By Sep 03, 2021 (Gmt+09:00)

AI One Team announce plans to jointly develop a hyperscale AI model
AI One Team announce plans to jointly develop a hyperscale AI model

South Korea’s major mobile carrier KT Corp. and the AI One Team coalition announced plans last week to develop a hyperscale artificial intelligence model by the first half of 2022. The AI model will be used to innovate a wide range of industries including manufacturing, finance and logistics.

A hyperscale AI model has more parameters compared to existing AI models. Parameters are similar to synapses in the human brain which connect neurons to learn and memorize information, meaning that more parameters indicate better AI intelligence.

The hyperscale AI model developed by KT and the AI One Team is expected to have around 200 billion parameters, more than the world's largest autoregressive language model GPT-3 which is made up of 175 billion parameters.

Launched in June 2020 by the US-based AI research laboratory OpenAI, the revolutionary GPT-3 triggered fierce competition to develop hyperscale AI models among global tech companies including Google, Huawei and LG Electronics. 

KT also joined the race by creating an alliance with the country’s major business groups and research institutions, referred to as the AI One Team.

The members of the AI One Team include KT, LG Electronics, LG UPlus, Woori Bank, Hanyang University, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea Investment & Securities and the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute.

"We plan to complete the hyperscale AI model training by the end of this year and commercialize it in the first half of next year," said Chang Du-seong, the director of the Institute of Convergence Technology at Korea Telecom. 

According to Chang, the high utilization of KT-AI One Team's hyperscale AI model is what differentiates it from other companies. The AI model is being created through the collaboration between various industry players, which will make commercialization occur quicker.

"It can be used to upgrade KT's AI speaker Giga Genie as well as being applied to various industries including finance, logistics and manufacturing," said Chang.

Meanwhile, KT is currently investing billions of won to set up a large-scale computing infrastructure which is essential for the AI model development. 

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