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Real Packing envisions borderless e-commerce ecosystem via videos

The startup aims to resolve disputes between buyers and sellers through its fact-checking videos

Sep 01, 2021 (Gmt+09:00)

Real Packing CEO Kim Jong-cheol presents during D.CAMP's D-Day
Real Packing CEO Kim Jong-cheol presents during D.CAMP's D-Day

South Korea-based startup Real Packing is on a mission to build a trust-based society via its fact-checking video system.

Launched in 2016, Real Packing records the packaging process of products in distribution centers. The video footage is used to handle customer claims as well as a marketing tool. For example, buyers can check Real Packing's video to confirm that their orders have been properly packaged, which helps reduce claims.

Initially, Real Packing videos were mostly used to resolve disputes that arose between sellers and buyers. But eventually the videos expanded into a marketing tool, given that the open rate of the videos attached to order notifications is around 85%.

“We became confident that Real Packing could not only help resolve disputes but also enhance customer satisfaction,” said Kim Jong-cheol, the chief executive and founder of the company, in an interview with The Korea Economic Daily Global on Sept. 1.

CEO Kim was already a provider of IT solutions for e-commerce companies when he came up with the idea for Real Packing after noticing that dealing with disputes was a key issue for e-commerce companies.

"Many companies would tell me that they want to quit despite running a profitable business due to the stress that came from customer claims," said Kim.

Real Packing's system automatically films the packaging process 
Real Packing's system automatically films the packaging process 

CEO Kim sensed an opportunity to pioneer a fresh market and pivoted his business focus. In 2010, Kim began brainstorming with his team members to develop a solution that could narrow the gap in disputes between sellers and buyers.

After five years of planning and running over 1,000 field tests, Kim launched Real Packing in 2016.

To create an optimal solution, the Real Packing team developed over 120 filming logics so that the system could be used at any distribution center. Also, they dealt with the cost issue of processing large volumes of videos by automatically uploading the footage onto the cloud and charging clients for the footage.


CEO Kim’s business idea was a huge hit. By adopting Real Packing's service, companies were able to cut down the claim management time from three hours to less than a minute alongside reducing shipping-related claims by 85%.

Currently, around 300 logistics centers in Korea are users of Real Packing, which can process up to around 70 million videos on a daily basis. The company's clients also include luxury goods provider LVMH as well as fashion platforms Brandi, Style Nanda, and the country's leading grocery delivery service, Market Kurly.

According to Kim, the established companies' adoption of Real Packing has boosted the startup's stability and credibility.

“The service that we provide never existed and it was launched by a startup, meaning that it was challenging to get a strong start. But the steady accumulation of references and adoptions have accelerated our business,” said Kim.

Buyers can check how their orders were packaged.
Buyers can check how their orders were packaged.

In October, Real Packing plans to roll out an extended version of the current system, which includes automating the logistics line to save costs and increase speed. Also, it would make the logistics process more efficient given that it could operate for 24 hours and boost production capacity compared to manpower.

Following the release of the new service, Real Packing is looking to carry out a Series A funding round, according to CEO Kim.


The fast-growing e-commerce industry is poised to remove the barriers of time and space, meaning that cross-border claims will become inevitable, according to CEO Kim who explained that Real Packing's key agenda is to resolve e-commerce disputes globally.

"The existence of packaging videos alone could help resolve misunderstandings and disputes for both the sellers and buyers," Kim said, adding that Real Packing's focus is on creating a borderless e-commerce ecosystem.

The startup currently doesn't have any identifiable rivals or peers although there have been some latecomers that eventually left the segment. But Real Packing is hoping to provide its solutions and collaborate with innovative startups and large businesses wanting to join forces to build a sound e-commerce ecosystem.

In 2020, Real Packing logged revenue of around 800 million won ($690,710). This year, the company expects to see threefold growth in its earnings.

 By Danbee Lee

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