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Atlas Labs makes it easy to transcribe phone calls via AI technology

Users can transcribe phone calls and video calls immediately thanks to the AI-powered Switch app

By Jun 30, 2021 (Gmt+09:00)

Atlas Labs CEO Robin Lyu.
Atlas Labs CEO Robin Lyu.

South Korean startup Atlas Labs is making it easier for people to keep track of their phone conversations via Switch, an app that uses artificial intelligence technology to provide real-time transcriptions.

When using the Switch app, there's no need to take notes during phone calls since the user can immediately check the transcription after hanging up.

The transcription is provided in a text messaging format, making it easy to read. Also, users can tap the text bubble to listen to the recorded audio and manage call logs by using filters and hashtags.

Atlas Labs was founded in 2016 by Robin Lyu, who had previously worked at the UBS Investment Bank after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania.

The startup developed an AI-powered speech recognition solution, Zeroth, which is used to provide the speech-to-text service in Switch. Thanks to Atlas Labs' machine learning algorithm, the app boasts a high recognition rate as it can transcribe phases that contain English words, numbers, technical terms and even unclear pronunciations -- all in real-time.

All of the call data are managed via an encryption key that is only shared with the actual user, meaning that third parties have no access. 

Transcriptions offered in text messaging format. (Courtesy of Atlas Labs)
Transcriptions offered in text messaging format. (Courtesy of Atlas Labs)

Users can use the Switch app for free, which means they can transcribe 30 minutes of outgoing calls monthly and unlimited incoming calls. If users pay 10,000 won ($8.90) a month, they get unlimited transcription services for both outgoing and incoming calls.

Earlier in March, Atlas Labs added a new feature to Switch that transcribes video calls. The platform’s AI technology gathers speech information from each speaker and transcribes it into a text messaging format for up to four speakers. If there are more than four speakers, the conversations are transcribed as meeting notes.

The company also operates a business-to-business (B2B) model given that there is strong demand from sectors such as real estate, finance and insurance that heavily depend on marketing and sales calls. Atlas Labs' client portfolio includes IT firm POSCO ICT, food manufacturer Ottogi and internet bookstore Yes24.

Moving forward, Atlas Labs plans to continue expanding its services globally. In April 2021, the company released Switchboard, a localized version of Switch for US-based users.

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