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Agricultural machinery

Daedong makes S.Korea’s first self-driving tractor

Mar 26, 2021 (Gmt+09:00)

Daedong's self-driving tractor HX 1400 (courtesy of Daedong)
Daedong's self-driving tractor HX 1400 (courtesy of Daedong)

South Korea’s top tractor and farm machinery maker Daedong Industrial Co. has achieved the country’s first mass-production of self-driving tractors.

Daedong on Mar. 25 launched two autonomous farm tractor models in its new HX series, HX 1300 and HX 1400.

Each model is powered by a 3.8-liter diesel engine and respectively delivers 132 horsepower and 142 horsepower, the highest level among all tractors made in Korea.

The HX series models are equipped with the industry’s first straight-line autonomous driving technology and can be controlled remotely using smartphones.


The self-driving technology of HX series allows the tractor to move autonomously in straight lines within a designated area, enabling it to make ridges and furrows without the need to operate the handle.

Safety measures have been put in place with warning sounds and automatic shift to neutral gear in case of deviation from the designated route.

Changing the gear is convenient with the adoption of Power Shift function, which allows quick shift to any of the eight gears offered by the two models.

If the tractor is driving at a speed above 20km per hour in four-wheel drive mode, it automatically switches to two-wheel drive mode to minimize tire wearing and maximize fuel efficiency.


Another key feature of the HX series is the use of Daedong Connect system that can remotely control and manage the autonomous tractor.

Daedong’s control center monitors the HX series tractors in real-time and notifies the customers in case of machine failures or if some parts need replacement.

Daedong Connect also offers a job logbook function that customers can use to record and analyze details of their daily work such as work hours and fuel usage, and also set long-term work plans.

The company also provides a visit-and-repair service to minimize the client’s time spent to fix the tractor.


The HX series weigh 5.6 tons at maximum and have a wheelbase of 2.6m, maximizing traction and stability. Long hours of operation are ensured by its 230-liter fuel tank, the largest among the similar range of models.

The company said that the new series is also equipped with a “road-sensing oil pressure system,” which increases fuel efficiency by ensuring the optimum level of oil pressure and oil flow and preventing the oil from being overheated.

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