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Dongkuk makes strongest steel bar in S.Korea

By Dec 04, 2020 (Gmt+09:00)

Dongkuk Steel's newly developed giga rebar
Dongkuk Steel's newly developed giga rebar

Steelmaker Dongkuk Steel Mill Co. has become the first South Korean company to develop a reinforcing bar, or rebar, that can withstand 12.2 tons per square centimeter -- equivalent to the weight of 7.6 mid-sized cars, the company said on Dec. 3.

Rebars are steel bars used in concrete structures to strengthen and hold concrete under tension.

Dongkuk Steel's latest ultra-strength rebar boasts a yield strength of 1GPa, or one billion pascals, and boasts a tensile strength of 1014MPa, or one million pascals, making it the strongest rebar developed in Korea.

A pascal is a measurement of force per unit area.

The Korean steelmaker expects the giga rebars to be used as tendons at the heavy-load construction sites of large structures such as long-span bridges, containment buildings and skyscrapers.

Tendons are steel materials used in construction to prevent cracks when massive weight is placed on concrete structures.

Although giga steel products are common use at large concrete construction sites overseas, such as in Europe and Japan, Korea has been using steel wires despite their relatively high unit price -- as, until now, ulta-strength giga steel had not yet been developed in the country.

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