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‘Daum, World in Comics’ was a side feature
on the portal Daum’s news curation service

It featured short political cartoons
from various news outlets

Sometimes, single-panel comics
would be featured on Daum,
World in Comics.

Kang Full was the artist behind them.

Kang Full aspired to create
a comic book series of his own.

Kang knocked on the doors of over 20 publishers
with his portfolio – only to be rejected by all.

In a last-ditch attempt, a discouraged Kang proposed
to publish a series on Daum, World in Comics.

And that’s how the world’s first webtoon
“Love Story” was born.

“Love Story” was the first feature webtoon
created for online users.

Previously, online comics were
just scanned copies of print comics.

Now, they could be placed vertically
for readers to read while scrolling down.

The response?


It kicked off the webtoon platform era.

Since “Love Story”, webtoons have continued to set
new records through film adaptations and more.

And the evolution continues.